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Advantage Reliability┬áServices, Inc. provides E-MAX Motor Testing as a non-intrusive diagnostic technology for electric motors. ┬áThis allows assessment of rotor condition in induction motors as tested under normal operating conditions — without shutting down the equipment.

Specifically, spectral analysis is performed at the first and fifth harmonics of the frequency, yielding current imbalance expressed a percentage under load and impedence imbalance as a trendable measure of stator condition.  Process analysis with motor current analysis, along with voltage, power, and efficiency data are measured, allowing for the testing and monitoring of five major fault zones:

  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Air Gap
  • Power Quality
  • Power Circuit

Each motor fault zone is categorized after each test, and analysis allows for the definition of problems and isolation of root causes. Production will not suffer downtime for testing, and root cause analysis will provide a proactive approach to maintenance, ultimately saving both time and money.

Motor Rotor

This motor rotor condition was identified by using Vibration Analysis and confirmed and severity determined with the Emax on-line motor test.

E-Max Motor Testing Samples

E-Max Motor Testing

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