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Ultrasound Lubrication

an Advantage Reliability Services, Inc. Preventive Maintenance Solution

Advantage Reliability Services, Inc. provides Ultrasound Lubrication, a Preventive Maintenance (PM) service, to assure proper lubrication of the rotating equipment bearings in your facility with routine surveys. From using Route based Ultrasound Technology for greased bearings to visual inspections for proper oil levels and oil integrity in oil lubricated bearings, we can give you the confidence that your rotating equipment lubrication is in good shape to assure proper bearing life and equipment reliability.

Ultrasound Technology is used to survey the greased bearings in a facility, this survey indicates which bearings require lubrication. When the bearings that require lubrication are identified, Ultrasound Technology is then used during the lubrication process of greased bearings to assure proper levels of lubrication. This technology measures the ultrasonic sound decibels and prevents over or under lubrication, which provides each individual bearing the proper amount of grease based on need not “blanket rules”.

Ultrasound Lubrication
Ultrasound Lubrication

This fundamental maintenance practice of PM rounds is often neglected due to lack of manpower or oversight in many facilities today and is one of the main “root causes” of premature bearing failures.

Below are links for more information on the Ultrasound equipment we use:

Ultra Probe 9000
Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy

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