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E-Max Motor Testing

Advantage Reliability Services, Inc. provides EMAX Motor Testing as a non-intrusive diagnostic technology for electric motors.  This allows assessment of rotor condition in induction motors as tested under normal operating conditions — without shutting down the equipment.

Specifically, spectral analysis is performed at the first and fifth harmonics of the frequency, yielding current imbalance expressed a percentage under load and impedence imbalance as a trendable measure of stator condition.  Process analysis with motor current analysis, along with voltage, power, and efficiency data are measured, allowing for the testing and monitoring of five major fault zones:

  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Air Gap
  • Power Quality
  • Power Circuit

Each motor fault zone is categorized after each test, and analysis allows for the definition of problems and isolation of root causes. Production will not suffer downtime for testing, and root cause analysis will provide a proactive approach to maintenance, ultimately saving both time and money.

Learn more and see samples on the E-Max Motor Testing Services Page.

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Infrared Thermography

Thermal imagery is an emerging science whose practical applications range from simple photography to mechanical diagnostics, and it is used extensively by firefighters and the military. In short, infrared cameras use algorithms to find differences in heat signatures from the items being photographed, regardless of the presence of ambient light.

In preventive maintenance, infrared thermography can pinpoint areas that are significantly warmer than their surroundings.  Overheating joints, faulty equipment insulation, and pending electrical shorts or faults are all invisible to the naked eye but easily detected with this method.  Advantage Reliability Services, Inc. has the equipment, the training, and the experience to utilize this technology, helping keep unpleasant surprises out of your facility.

Visit the Infrared Thermography Services Page to learn more!

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Vibration Analysis

By the time a mechanical problem becomes noticeable by normal human senses, it may have already become an expensive repair. Vibration analysis uses technology and equipment created specifically for plant-based mechanical defect detection. It can preemptively identify specific faults in rotating equipment, identifying the root cause of the problem and allowing you to do relevant maintenance on your schedule.

At Advantage Reliability Services, Inc., we understand the complexities of vibration analysis on various types of equipment.  Frequency ranges of defects depend on several variables such as rotation speed, bearing number and diameter, inner and outer race circumference; these cannot be accurately analyzed with a one-size-fits all approach.  Our predictive maintenance technology, combined with our knowledge and experience, take into account your specific requirements and helps determine your best course of action.

Outer race defectThis electrical fluting induced outer race defect of a bearing from a 600 HP motor (pictured to the left) was changed during a scheduled maintenance outage and was detected and the severity determined using PeakVue technology.

Instead of using demodulation techniques which subtract carrier frequencies and use low pass filters, PeakVue technology preserves the peak amplitude of stress waves emitted from a bearing or gear defect or abrasive wear.

The additional vibration data provided by this technology allows for earlier and more accurate defect prediction and analysis that routine vibration data collection techniques may overlook.

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