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At Louisiana Sawmill, we are firm believers in predictive maintenance practices. For the types of equipment we run, the two primary technologies that provide useful data are Infrared Thermography and Vibration Analysis. Additionally, when we find a balance problem, we have the equipment dynamically balanced.

We use Advantage Reliability to provide these services. Kenny Sullivan is a professional in every sense of the word. He is safety conscious while collecting data. He is flexible with his schedule to work around production or down time. His analysis and reporting is quick and accurate. He can easily tailor the level of data reporting to the needs of the individual or situation. He does not cry “wolf.” He uses a progressive priority system that makes it easy to plan the corrective actions. He is quick and accurate while performing balancing operations, minimizing the number of trial runs and thus cost.

Most importantly is the impact on the bottom line. A whole year’s program cost paid itself off after two month’s worth of analysis.

We have been very pleased with Advantage Reliability. They are now providing services for us in two different locations, and we will continue to use them as we grow as a company.

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